Banana Splits
Premiered (September 7, 1968)

The Banana Splits were four costumed actors performing zany slapstick humor. They pun, offer advice and answers to important questions of all time, They also run into each other alot, & carry on like nothing you have ever seen before. They would introduce cartoons & a live action segment called "Danger Island" (directed by Richard Donner). The Splits are the daffiest, wackiest foursome to hit TV since the tube was invented. Recurring segments include: Splits Handshake - Take Out the Trash - Dear Drooper - Mildred - Secret Password - Sour Grapes Messenger Girl - Fleagle News - Club Business - Hold the Bus - The Dilly Sisters - Uh Oh! Chongo, & many Really Groovy Music Videos.
The Actors in the costumes were:
Many many thanks, for reference to the actors goes out to: Dan Winkless
The other shows included with Banana Splits were:

Here are some Banana Splits Collectibles:

Banana Splits Songs:

Here are the song titles included on the "We're The Banana Splits" Album & 45 singles:

We're The Banana Splits, I'm Gonna Find A Cave,This Spot, Doin' The Banana Split, Toy Piano Melody, Soul, The Tra La La Song (One Banana, Two Banana), Wait Till Tomorrow, You're The Lovin' End, In New Orleans, Two-Ton Tessie, Don't Go Away - Go-Go Girl, Long Live Love, Pretty Painted Carousel, That's The Pretty Part Of You, Let Me Remember You Smiling, It's A Good Day For A Parade.

The Banana Splits lyrics:
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The Banana Splits & Friends today
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QuickTime movies of the Banana Splits show:
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