Hillbilly Bears
originally aired with: The Atom Ant / Secret Squirrel Show
The Banana Splits Adventure Hour
Premiered (October 2,1965 - January,1967)


Hillbilly Bears episodes


  • Woodpecked
  • Goldilocks & the Four Bears
  • Detour For Sure
  • Stranger than Friction
  • Anglers Aweigh
  • Going, Going Gone Gopher
  • Courtin' Disaster
  • Picnic Panicked
  • Judo Kudos
  • Just Plane Around
  • War Games
  • Bricker Brats
  • Slap Happy Grandpappy
  • Do the Bear
  • Pooped Pops
  • Leaky Creek
  • My Fair Hillbilly
  • Rickety-Rockety-Raccoon
  • Modern Inconvenience
  • Rabbit Rumble


  • Speckled Heckler
  • Whirly Bear
  • Saucy Saucers
  • Chipper Chirper
  • Gettin' Paws' Goat
  • Buzzin' Cuzzins

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