The Impossibles

originally titled Frankenstein Jr & the Impossibles premiered on CBS (September 10,1966)

The Impossibles are a Rock and Roll Group who become crusaders against crime with a battle cry of "Rally-Ho!" The Trio are summoned by their chief, Big D in a screen located right inside the bottom of Coil-Mans' guitar. Each possess their own super powers , Fluid-Man turns into liquid, Multi-Man becomes multiple bodies of himself, and Coil-Man becomes a human coil. Traveling in their "Impossicar" these undercover Secret Agent Men do battle with most evil doers whoever come their way!

Impossibles Episodes
  • The Spinner
  • The Perilous Paper Doll
  • Beamatron
  • The Bubbler
  • The Burrower
  • Timeatron
  • Smogula
  • The Sinister Speck
  • Mother Gruesome
  • Fero, The Fiendish Fiddler
  • The Diabolical Dauber
  • Televisatron
  • The Wretched Professor Stretch
  • Aquator
  • The Devilish Dragster
  • The Return Of The Spinner
  • The Puzzler
  • Satanic Surfer
  • The Scurrilous Sculptor
  • The Scheming Spraysol
  • The Insidious Inflator
  • The Artful Archer
  • The Return Of The Perilous Paperman
  • The Dastardly Diamond Dazzler
  • Cronella Critch The Tricky Witch
  • The Terrible Twister
  • The Terrifying Tapper
  • Professor Stretch Bounces Back
  • The Anxious Angler
  • The Rascally Ringmaster
  • Billy The Kidder
  • The Fiendish Doctor Futoro
  • The Infamous Mr Instant
  • The Crafty Clutcher
  • The Not So Nice Mr Ice
  • The Bizarre Battler

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