Frankenstein Jr

originally titled Frankenstein Jr & the Impossibles premiered on CBS (September 10,1966)

Frankenstein Jr was built by Dr Conroy. Frankie is a 30 foot mechanic robot that defeats crime. His is summoned by Dr Conroys' son named Buzz, who has a ring that calls out to Frankenstein Jr whenever Buzz needs him.

Frankenstein Jr Episodes
  • The Shocking Electrical Monster
  • The Spyder Man
  • The Menace from the Wax Museum
  • The Alien Brain From Outer Space (part I)
  • The Alien Brain From Outer Space (part II)
  • UFO-Unidentified Fiendish Object
  • The Unearthy Plant Creatures
  • The Deadly Living Images
  • The Colossal Junk Monster
  • The Incredible Aqua-Monsters
  • The Gigantic Ghastly Genie
  • The Birdman
  • Invasion of the Robot Creatures
  • The Manchurian Menace
  • The Mad Monster Maker
  • The Monstermobile
  • The Pilfering Putty Monster
  • The Spooktaculars

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