Snooper and Blabber
included in Quick Draw McGraw
Premiered (September 29, 1959)


Snooper and Blabber episodes


  • Puss n' Booty
  • Switch Witch
  • Real Gone Ghosts
  • Desperate Diamond Dimwits
  • Big Diaper Caper
  • Flea and Me
  • Disappearing Inc.
  • Baby Rattled
  • Not So Dummy
  • Fee-Fi-Fo Fumble
  • Masquerader Raider
  • Motor Knows Best
  • Slippery Glass Slipper
  • Monkey Wrenched
  • Gopher Goofers
  • Impossible Imposters
  • Adventure Is My Hobby
  • Cloudy Rowdy
  • Snap Happy Saps (with the Gruesomes)
  • The Lion Is Busy (with Snagglepuss)
  • Laughing Guess (with Hardy Har Har)
  • The Case Of The Purloined Parrot
  • Poddle Toodle-Oo!
  • Doggone Dog, Gone
  • Hula Hula Hulabaloo
  • Wild Man, Wild!


  • Ala Kazoop
  • Hop To It
  • Fleas Be Careful
  • Observant Servants
  • De-Duck-Tives (with Yakky Doodle)
  • Big Shot Blab
  • Big Cat Caper (with Snagglepuss)
  • Scoop Scoop
  • Prinse Of A Fella
  • Flea For All
  • Outer Space Case
  • Bear-ly able
  • Surpised Party



  • Zoom Zoom Blabber
  • Eenie Genie Minie Mo!
  • Bonco Bluster
  • Chilly Chiller
  • Gem Jams
  • Person To Prison

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