Yakky Doodle
originally included in The Yogi Bear Show
Premiered (January 30,1960)


Yakky Doodle episodes


  • Out Of Luck Duck
  • Hop, Duck, And Listen
  • Dog Flight
  • Easter Duck
  • Foxy Duck
  • Railroaded Duck
  • Duck Hunting
  • Whistle Stop And Go
  • Duck The Music
  • School Fool
  • Oh Duckter
  • It's A Duck's Life
  • Happy Birthdaze
  • Horse Collared
  • Ha-Choo To You
  • Foxy Proxy
  • Count To Tenant
  • Shrunken Headache
  • The Most Ghost
  • Stamp Scamp
  • All's Well That Eats Well
  • Foxy Friends
  • Mad Mix-Up
  • Beach Brawl


  • Duck Seasoning
  • Hasty Tasty
  • Nobody Home Duck
  • Dog Pounded
  • Witch Duck-ter
  • Full Course Meal
  • Baddie Buddies
  • Judo Ex-Expert

Yakky Doodle Gallery of pictures and such:

  1. Yakky Doodle Bean Bag from Warner Brothers Studio Store (2-99)
  2. Jimmy Weldon's autograph
  3. Yakky Doodle says Hi
  4. Yakky Doodle title card
  5. Yakky Doodle end card
  6. Chopper running to save Yakky
  7. Here is Fibber Fox
  8. Alfy Gator reminds me Alfred Hitchcock


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