Yogi's Space Race
Yogi's Space Race
The Buford Files
Galloping Ghost
The Galaxy Goof Ups

Premiered (September 9, 1978)


Yogi's Space Race Episodes
  • The Saturn 500
  • The Neptune 9000
  • The Pongo Tongo Classic
  • Nebuloc-The Prehistoric Planet
  • The Spartikan Spectacular
  • The Mizar Marathon
  • The Lost Planet Of Atlantis
  • Race Through Oz
  • Race Through Wet Galoshes
  • The Borealis Triangle
  • Race To The Center Of The Universe
  • Race Through The Planet Of The Monsters
  • Franzia
The Buford Files Episodes
  • The Demon Of Ur
  • The Vanishing Stallion
  • The Swamp Hermit
  • Man With The Orange Hair
  • The Missing Bank
  • Swamp Saucer
  • Scare In The Air
  • Buford And The Beauty
  • Peril In The Park
  • The Magic Whammy
  • The Haunting Of Swamp Manor
  • The Case Of The Missing Gator
  • Don't Monkey With Buford
Galloping Ghost Episodes
  • Phantom Of The Horse Opera
  • Too Many Crooks
  • Sagebrush Sergeant
  • The Bad News Bear
  • Robot Round-Up
  • Pests In The West
  • Rock Star Nuggie
  • Frontier Fortune Teller
  • I Want My Mummy
  • Mr. Sunshine's Eclipse
  • Klondike's Kate
  • A Ghost Of A Chance
  • Elmo The Great
Galaxy Goof-Ups Episodes
  • The Purloined Princess
  • Defective Protectives
  • Whose Zoo?
  • The Space Pirates
  • The Clone Ranger
  • The Dopey Defenders
  • Tacky Cat Strikes Again
  • Space Station USA
  • Hail King Yogi!
  • Dyno-Mite
  • Vampire Of Space
  • The Treasure Of Congo-Bongo
  • Captain Snerdley Goes Bananas

Yogi's Space Race Listing in the

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In this show, Yogi Bear and his friends take part in intergalactic spaces races, but there is nothing high-tech about their vehicles which look a bit more simplistic than any real spaceship. There is no CMMS software or other computer technology maintaining their racing equipment. Even though CMMS software technology could not have help the racers battle any space creatures, at least their vehicles would have been a little more impressive.

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