Wait Till Your Father Gets Home
Premiered (September 12,1972)

This animated situation family series, illustrated the generation gap between an old-fashioned father Harry Boyle, president of Boyle Restaurant Supply Company and his modern day children (Chet, Alice, & Jamie) who have difficulty accepting their father's golden-day methods & philosophies of life. During the 1973 season Guest voices included Rich Little, Don Knotts, Monty Hall, Don Adams, Jonathan Winters, & Phyllis Diller. Also Harry Boyle is voiced by Tom Bosley who was Mr. C on Happy Days.

Wait Till Your Father Gets Home episodes

1972 - 1973

  • The Fling
  • Alice's Dress
  • The Hippie
  • The Beach Vacation
  • Help Wanted
  • Love Story
  • The Victim
  • Chet's Job
  • Chet's Fiancee
  • The Mouse
  • Duty Calls
  • Expectant Papa
  • The New Car
  • The New House
  • The Prowler
  • Mama's Identity
  • The Patient
  • The Swimming Pool
  • Sweet Sixteen
  • The Commune
  • The Music Tycoon
  • Accidents Will Happen
  • Papa In New York
  • The Neighbors


1973 - 1974

  • Bringing Up Jamie
  • The Lady Detective - Phyllis Diller
  • Permissive Papa
  • The Boyles On TV
  • My Wife, The Secretary
  • Papa, The Housewife
  • Jamie's Project
  • Don For The Defense - Don Adams
  • Alice's Diet
  • Mama Loves Monty - Monty Hall
  • Alice's Crush
  • Papa's Big Check
  • Mama's Charity
  • Chet's Pad
  • Papa, The Coach
  • Birdman Chet
  • Back To Nature
  • Alice's Freedom
  • The Bee-Keeper - Don Knotts
  • Maude Loves Papa - Jonathan Winters
  • Supersleuth - Rich Little
  • Model Alice
  • Marriage Counselor
  • Car 54


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