Touché Turtle
Premiered (September 3, 1962)

Brandishing his trusty sword
Touché Turtle and his simpleminded assistant Dum Dum, he heroically saves queens, maidens and others in distress. Each cartoon is 5 minutes in length, and were first distributed to television stations as part of a series called "The Hanna Barbera New Cartoon Series" with
Lippy the Lion & Hardy Har Har
Wally Gator
You might recall Bill Thompson's voice as Droopy the dog from MGM,
and Alan Reed as the original voice of Fred Flintstone from Hanna Barbera.


Touché Turtle


  • Whale Of A Tale (originally from 1960)
  • Zero Hero
  • Dilly Of A Lilly
  • Missing Missile
  • Lake Serpent
  • You Bug Me
  • Roll A Ghoster
  • Giant Double Header
  • Loser Takes All
  • Takes Two To Tangle
  • Mr Robots
  • Touché At Bat
  • Billy The Cad
  • Dog Daze
  • Ant And Rave
  • Black Is The Knight
  • Dragon Along
  • Satellite Fright
  • Sheepy Time Pal
  • Hex Marks The Spot
  • Catch As Cat Can
  • Sea For Two
  • High Goon
  • Grandma Outlaw
  • Duel Control


  • Rapid Rabbit
  • Thumb Hero
  • Kat Napped
  • Romeo, Touché, and Juliet
  • The Big Bite
  • Flying Saucer Sorcerer
  • Aladdin's Lampoon
  • Haunting License
  • The Phoney Phantom
  • Touché's Last Stand
  • Chief Beef
  • Like Wild,Man
  • Dum De Dum Dum
  • Et Tu Touché?
  • Dragon Feat
  • Red Riding Hoodlum
  • Dough Nuts
  • Save The Last Trance For Me
  • Waterloo For Two
  • Robin Hoodlum
  • The Shoe Must Go On
  • Quack Hero
  • Aliblabber And The Forty Thieves
  • Out Of This Whirl
  • Hero On The Half Shell
  • Tenderfoot Turtle
  • Peace & Riot

Touché Turtle Gallery of pictures and such:
Touché Turtle Bean Bag from Warner Brothers Studio Store (2-99)
Dumm Dumm Bean Bag from Warner Brothers Studio Store (2-99)

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