These are the Days
Premiered on ABC (September 7,1974)

These are the Days, is loosely based on the same format as the popular TV show "The Waltons". It is set in the turn of the century old town called Elmsville. These are the Days, portray their every day life of an innocent time. These are the Days: Martha, a widow, and her children Ben, Cathy, and Danny along with their Grandfather, Jeff Day (owner and proprietor of the General Store). Martha is voiced by June Lockhart from TV's "Lassie" & "Lost in Space".

Martha Day - June Lockhart
Kathy Day - Pamelyn Ferdin
Danny Day - Jack Haley
Ben Day - Andrew Parks
Jeff Day - Henry Jones
Homer - Frank Cady

These are the Days Episodes


  • Sensible Ben
  • The Fire Brigade
  • Danny's Musical Dilemma
  • Danny Runs Away
  • Ben for President
  • The Good Luck Charm
  • Kathy's Job
  • The Runaway Horse
  • How Ben was Cowed
  • Grandpa and the Great Cyclic Harmonium Swindle
  • The Visitor
  • The Most Precious Gift of All


  • The Spa
  • Hello Mrs McGivern, Goodbye
  • The Balloon
  • The Feud

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