Sinbad Jr the sailor
Premiered in (1965)

It's original title was "The Adventures of Sinbad Jr " It stars the son of the famed sea adventurer, Sinbad, who becomes a superhuman whenever he draws power from a magic belt. He is assisted in his high seas adventures by his first mate Salty, the parrot. Tim Matthieson is also the voice of Jonny Quest, Jayce on Space Ghost and Samson from Samson & Goliath as well as Sinbad Jr, you may remember him from "Animal House" & "A Very Brady Sequel"


Sinbad Jr episodes


  • Rok Around the Rock
  • Drubbers
  • Ronstermon
  • Caveman Daze
  • Circus Hi Jinks
  • Captain Sly
  • Look Out, Lookout
  • Woodchopper Stopper
  • Typical Bad Night
  • Arabian Knights
  • Sizemograph Laugh
  • Moon Madness
  • Big Belt Bungle
  • Turnabout is Foul Play
  • Jack & the Giant
  • Kooky Spooky
  • Jekyll and Hyde
  • Elephant On Ice
  • The Gold Must Go Through
  • Big Deal Seal
  • Belted About
  • Birdnapper
  • Tiny Tenniputians
  • Belt, Buckle & Boom
  • Big Bully Blubbo Behaves
  • Sinbad Jr & the Moon Rocket
  • The Menace of Venice
  • Bat Brain
  • Sad Gladiator
  • Invisible Villain
  • About Ben Blubbo
  • Hypnotized Guys
  • Sizemodoodle Poodle
  • Faces from Space
  • Mad Mad Movies
  • The Truth Hurts
  • Bird God
  • Evil Wizard
  • My Fair Mermaid
  • Knight Fright
  • Boat Race Ace
  • Sinbad Jr & the Mighty Magnet
  • Sea Going Penguin
  • Frozen Fracas
  • Tin Can Man
  • Vulture Culture
  • Wild Wax Works
  • Trap Happy Trapper
  • Wicked Whirlpool
  • Whale of a Tale
  • Sinbad Jr & the Counterfeiters
  • Irish Stew
  • Sea Horse Laughs
  • Dodo a Go Go
  • Sunken Treasure
  • Hot Rod Salty
  • Gold Mine Muddle
  • Paleface Race
  • Surfboard Bully
  • Magic Belt Factory
  • Ride'em Sinbad
  • Sinbad Jr & the Master Weapon
  • Rainmaker Fakers
  • Treasure of the Pyramids
  • Fly By Knight
  • Railroad Ruckus
  • Teahouse Louse
  • Killer Diller
  • Super Duper Duplicator
  • The Good Deed Steed
  • Blubbo Goes Ape
  • Blubbos Goose Goof
  • The Monster Mosquito
  • Hello Dolphin
  • Sea Serpent Secret
  • Wacky Walrus
  • Cry Sheep
  • Cookie Caper
  • Daze of Old
  • Way Out Mahout
  • Gaucho Blubbo

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