Premiered on NBC (September 18, 1982)

Living inside the city park operated by Mr Dinkel, The Shirt Tales are Tyg the tiger, Pammy the panda, Digger the mole, Rick the raccoon, Bogey the orangutan and during the second season Kip the Kangaroo. These animal would help out others in distress. When they scream "Shirt Ta-Ta-Ta-Tales!" their shirts would light up what they are feeling. Kip the Kangaroo was voiced by Nancy Cartwright who later become the voice of Bart Simpson on "The Simpsons".

Tyg - Steve Schatzberg
Pammy - Pat Parris
Digger - Bob Ogle
Rick - Ronnie Schell
Bogey - Fred Travalena
Mr Dinkel - Herb Vigram
Kip - Nancy Cartwright
Shirt Tales episodes


  • The Case of the Golden Armor
  • Crumblings Circus Caper
  • Shirt Napped
  • Game masters
  • Elephant on the Loose
  • Big Foot Incident
  • Horsin' Around
  • The Humbolt Ghost
  • Mission Mutt
  • Vacation for Dinkel
  • Digger Runs Away
  • Wingman
  • Figby the Spoiled Cat
  • The Commissioner is Missing
  • The Terrible Termites
  • Raiders of the Lost Shark
  • Moving Time
  • Back to Nature
  • Save the Park
  • Pam-Dora's Box
  • Hapless Hound
  • The Nearsighted Bear
  • The Magical Musical Caper
  • The Very Buried Treasure
  • Dinkel's Ark
  • The Duke of Dinkel


  • Bogey Goes Ape
  • Diggers Three Wishes
  • The Rain, the Park and the Robot
  • Digger's Double
  • Kip's Dragon
  • Taj Mahal Tyg
  • Double Exposure
  • The Outer Space Connection
  • Brass Bogey
  • The Forbidden Island
  • T.J.'s Visit
  • Pleasure Valley
  • Saturday Night Shirt Tales
  • Kip's to Caper
  • Dinkel's Buddy
  • the Big Setup
  • The Ghost Out West
  • Dinkel's Gift
  • Mayhem on the Orient Express
  • The Cuckoo Count Caper

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