Precious Pupp
originally included in the Atom Ant Show
Premiered (October 2, 1965)

Precious Pupp is the loveable and huggable pooch, Who is owned by Granny Sweet, He is cunning and mischievious nemesis to all around him - which is unknown to the kindly millionairess. Whether battling the mailman, or the dog catcher, or his best friend Spike the bulldog, this clever canine always comes across as sweet and innocent with Granny Sweet wrapped around his little paw. Also you will notice, his snicker has been used again for other Hanna Barbera dog characters like Muttley & Mumbly.

Precious Pupp episodes


  • Precious Jewels
  • Doggone Dognapper
  • Bites and Gripes
  • Queen of the Road
  • Crook Out Cook Out
  • Next of Kin
  • Bowling Pinned
  • Poodle Pandemonium
  • Dog Tracks
  • Sub-Marooned
  • Lady Bugged
  • Test in the West
  • Bones And Groans
  • Girl Whirl
  • Butterfly Nut
  • Precious Bone
  • The Bird Watcher
  • Dog Trained
  • Oliver Twisted
  • Pup Skip and Jump


  • A Grapple for the Teacher
  • Pot Time Work
  • A Fiend In Need
  • Ski Sickness
  • Mascot Massacre
  • A.M. Mayhem

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