Mork & Mindy
Premiered on ABC (September 25, 1982)

Spin- off from the live action ABC TV show of the same name. The alien from the planet Ork , takes his orders from Orson to become a student on the Earth school named MT Mount High. Features original voices by Robin Williams & Pam Dawber. Na No Na No!!!

Mork & Mindy episodes
  • Who's Minding the Brat?
  • The Greatest Shmo on Earth
  • To Ork or Not To Ork
  • Orkan without a Cause
  • Mork Man vs. Ork Man
  • Which Witch is the Witch
  • Every Doing has his Day
  • Beauty or the Beast
  • Morkel and Hyde
  • The Wimp
  • Ride 'em Morkboy
  • Meet Mork's Mom
  • Muddle in the Huddle
  • The Incredible Shrinking Mork
  • On Your Mork, Get Set, Go!
  • The Invisible Mork
  • The Fluke Spook
  • Mayhem for the Mayor
  • Coo Coo Caveboy
  • A Treasure ain't no Pleasure
  • The Mork with the Midas Touch
  • Extra Terrestrial Toddler
  • Time Slipper Slip-Up
  • Super Mork
  • Mork P.I.
  • Monkey on my Back Pack

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