Premiered on ABC (September 10,1983)

Monchihichis live in the the very top of the tallest trees that hide well above the clouds. They are a tribe of monkey type creatures. They are lead by the eldest Monchihichi named Wizzar, who is a magical wizard that can conjure up spells and potions to defeat the evil Grumplins.


Monchichis Episodes
  • Tickle Pickle
  • Too Too Trouble
  • Double Play
  • Swamp Secret
  • Dueling Wizzars
  • Thumkii's Pet
  • Misfit Grumplin
  • Jingle Pods
  • Cloud City
  • Moncho's Gift
  • Helpless Hero
  • Grumpstaff Grief
  • The Charm Alarm

Thanks to Peter Swinkels for the Monchichis picture

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