Moby Dick Mighty Mightor
 Premiered on CBS (September 6,1967)
originally called "Moby Dick and Mighty Mightor"

The Mighty Mightor is a prehistoric Superhero, who protects everyone in a giant village. His Secret Identity is Tor, a Teenage Caveboy, who raises a Club, which an old hermit gave to him, and shouts, "Mightor!", and is transformed into Mightor himself! Some of Tor's Friends are Chief Pondo, her Daughter, the beautiful Sheera, her funny, Mightor pretending Kid Brother, Little Rok, Tog the Dragon, Ork the Dodo Bird and Bolo the Wooly Mammoth. In most of these Episodes, Mightor battles Villains, such as Korg, Brutor the Barbarian, The Plant People, The Tiger Men, The Serpent Queen, Etc.

Tom - Bobby Resnick
Tub - Barry Balkin
Scooby the Seal - Don Messick
Mighty Mightor - Paul Stewart
Tor - Bobby Diamond
Sheera - Patsy Garret
Pondo / Ork / Tog - John Stephenson
Lil' Rock - Norma McMillian

Moby Dick Episodes


  • The Sinister Sea Saucer
  • The Electrifying Shoctopus
  • The Crab Creatures
  • The Sea Monster
  • The Undersea World
  • The Aqua Bats
  • The Iceberg Monster
  • The Shark Men
  • The Saucer Shells
  • Moraya ,the Eel Queen
  • Toadus, Ruler of the Dead Ships
  • The Cereb Men
  • The Vortex Trap
  • The Sand Creatures
  • The Sea Ark
  • The Shimmering Screen
  • Soodak the Invader
  • The Iguana Men
Mighty Mightor Episodes


  • The Monster Keeper
  • The Tiger Men
  • The Bird People
  • The Serpent Queen
  • Mightor Meets Tyrannor
  • The Giant Hunters
  • Return of Korg
  • Brutor, The Barbarian
  • The Tusk People
  • Kragor and the Cavern Creatures
  • The Snow Trapper
  • The People Keepers
  • The Tree Pygmies
  • The Vulture Men
  • Charr and the Fire People
  • The Stone Men
  • Vampire Island
  • Cult Of Cavebearers


  • Attack of the Ice Creatures
  • Revenge of the Serpent Queen
  • Rok and his Gang
  • The Scorpion Men
  • The Sea Slavers
  • A Big Day for Little Rok
  • The Plant People
  • Tribe of the Witch men
  • The Return of the Vulture Men
  • Battle of the Mountain Monsters
  • Vengeance of the Storm King
  • The Mightiest Warrior
  • Dinosaur Island
  • Rok to the Rescue
  • The Missing Village
  • The Greatest Escape
  • Rok and the Golden Rok
  • Battle of the Mightors

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