The Kwicky Koala Show

also included:
Dirty Dawg
Crazy Claws
The Bungle Brothers
Premiered (September 21,1981)


Kwicky Koala Episodes


  • Sink Or Swim
  • Robinson Caruso
  • In A Pigs Eye
  • Robin Hoodwink
  • Kwicky Goes West
  • Collectors Item
  • Hunger Pangs and Pzings
  • The Incredible Lunk
  • Race To Riches
  • Kangoroo Kapers
  • Double Trouble
  • Around The World In 80 Seconds
  • Kwicky's Karnival Kaper
  • Scream Test
  • Disguise The Limit
  • Museum Mayhem
The Bungle Brothers Episodes


  • Hat Dance - Dry Run - Cheap Trick
  • High Rollers - Teeter Totter Act - The Circus Cannon Act
  • Trapeze Act - Saw In Two - Unicycle
  • Big Pie Jump - Honk If You Love Joey - Sound Off
  • Joey Juggling George - The Toe Dancing Beagle Or Whats Nureyev - The Barrel Jump
  • Karate Chop Act - Tarzan Swing Act - The Ventriloquist
  • Rope Twirling Act - High Wire Harness - The Marionette Act
  • Cream Pie - Ballonitics - Escape Artist
  • Rock Band - Circus Car - Dueling Trombones
  • Quiz Whiz Kid - Stilts - The Romeo And Juliet Act
  • Animal Trainers - Double Jump - Pie Faced
  • The Plumbers Helper - Bungle Ballet - Hang 20
  • The Big Bang - Flipped Out - Bucking Bull
  • Hamlet Lays An Egg - The Magic Ring Act - The Fly
  • Weight Weight Lifter - Droop The Loop - Heavy ending
  • Ice Follies - Punchy Pirates - Spring Is In The Air - Concert Pianist

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