Josie & the Pussycats
premiered (September 12, 1970) 16 episodes
Josie & the Pussycats in Outer Space
premiered (September 9, 1972) 16 episodes

Below you will find the video intro for the Josie and the Pussycats cartoon from the 1970's on Youtube.

Along with Cathy Dougher, who plays Josie and "Charlie's Angel" Cheryl Ladd who plays Melody, Motown artist, Patrice Holloway is the musical voice for the cartoon character "Valarie".

Cartoon Voices:

Music Voices:

Josie & the Pussycats Episodes

Josie & the Pussycats (1970-1972)

  • The Nemo's a No No Affair
  • A Green Thumb Is No Goldfinger
  • The Secret Six Secret
  • Swap Plot Flop
  • The Midas Mix-Up
  • X Marks the Spot
  • Chilli Today And Hot Tamale
  • Nevr Mind the Master Mind
  • Planteau of the Aples Plot
  • Strange Moon Over Miami
  • All Wrong in Hong Kong
  • Melody Memory Mix-Up
  • The great Pussycats Chase
  • Spy School Spoof
  • The Jumping jupiter Affair
  • Don't Count on the Countess

Josie & the Pussycats in Outer Space (1972-1973)

  • Where's Josie
  • Make Way for the Multi Men
  • The Sleeping Planet
  • Alien Alan
  • The Water Planet
  • The Sun Haters
  • The Mini Man Menace
  • Anything You Can Zoo
  • The Space Pirates
  • Now You See Them Now You Don't
  • The Four Eyed Dragon of Cygon
  • The Forward Backward People of Xarook
  • The Hollow Planet
  • All Hail Goddess Melody
  • Outer Space Ark
  • Warrior Women of Amazonia

Here is the Josie & the Pussycats opening theme song:

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Josie & the Pussycats Gallery
  1. Bleep Doll created and owned by Dave McCullogh - actual doll is not for sale
  2. Josie & the Pussycats model Sheet of production #51
  3. Josie & the Pussycats
  4. Josie & the Pussycats winter backdrop
  5. Josie & the Pussycats Bass Drum logo
  6. Josie & the Pussycats plus the gang
  7. Josie & the Pussycats Dolls created and owned by Dave McCullogh - actual dolls are not for sale
  8. Sebastian Doll created and owned by Dave McCullogh - actual dolls are not for sale
  9. Sebastian and Bleep from "Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space"
  10. Thank You note from Rosemary who loves my Josie & the Pussycats web page

Each episode of Josie & the Pussycats featured a song that played during a chase scene. Viewers may not always know the titles of the songs, but they were fun to listen to. Titlemax loans may not be as much fun as Josie & the Pussycats songs, but Titlemax can help vehicle owners with title lending options.

Chris Cummings' has many Model Sheets from Hanna barbera here:

The live action Josie and the Pussycats movie:

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