Jonny Quest

 Premiered on ABC (September 18, 1964)
Brand New Episodes aired (September 1987)


Jonny Quest episodes


  • Double Danger
  • The Curse of Anubis
  • The Mystery of the Lizard Men
  • Riddle of the Gold
  • Arctic Splash Down
  • Calcutta Adventure
  • Pursuit of the Po Ho
  • Shadow of the Condor
  • Treasure of the Temple
  • The Robot Spy
  • Dreadful Doll
  • Skull & Double Crossbones
  • A Small Matter of Pygmies
  • Dragons of Ashida
  • Turu the Terrible
  • Attack of the Tree People
  • The Fraudulent Volcano
  • The Werewolf of the Timberland
  • The Invisible Monster
  • Pirates from Below
  • The Devil's Tower
  • The House of the Seven Gargoyles
  • Terror Island
  • Monster in the Monastery
  • The Sea Haunt
  • The Quetong Missile Mystery


  • Peril of Reptilian
  • Nightmares of Steel
  • Aliens Among Us
  • Deadly Junket
  • Forty Fathoms into Yesterday
  • Vikong Lives
  • The Monolith Man
  • Secret of the Clay Warriors
  • Warlord of the Sky
  • The Scourge of Skyborg
  • Temple of Gloom
  • Creeping Unknown
  • Skulduggery

Jonny Quest Listing in the 1971 TV Guide

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