Premiered (September 9, 1967)
also came back in February 1978 as the "Go Go Globetrotters / Herculoids" show
with the Harlem Globetrotters and the C.B. Bears

On the primitive planet Quasar (originally called Amzot), Zandor and his wife Tara and son Dorno do battle with many alien invaders. They are joined by their futuristic animals, Igoo a rock ape, Zok a laser dragon, Tundro a rhinoceros that shoots firey rocks from his horn, and Gloop & Gleep two very affectionate blobs.

Herculoids Episodes
  • The Beaked People
  • The Raiders
  • The Pet Creatures
  • Sarko the Arkman
  • The Mole Men
  • The Pirates
  • The Spider Man
  • Mekkor
  • The Lost Dorgyte
  • Destroyer Ants
  • Defeat or Ogron
  • The Android People
  • Temple of Trax
  • The Swamp Monster
  • Laser Lancers
  • The Raiders Apes
  • Tiny World of Terror
  • Prisoner of the Bubblemen
  • The Time Creatures
  • The Gladiators of Kyanite
  • Mekkano, the Machine Master
  • Invasion of the Electrode Men
  • Mission of the Amatrons
  • Queen Skorra
  • Attack of the Faceless People
  • The Zorbots
  • Return of Sta-Lak
  • Revenge of the Pirates
  • Ruler of the Reptons
  • The Island of the Gravites
  • Malak and the Metal Apes
  • The Return of Torrak
  • The Antidote
  • Attack from Space
  • The Mutoids
  • The Crystallites

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