Premiered on NBC (September 9, 1978)

originally called "The Godzilla Power Hour" (September 1978)
with the Adventures of Jonny Quest

also known as "Godzilla and the Super 90" (December 1978)

with the Adventures of Jonny Quest and Jana of the Jungle

and "The Godzilla / Globetrotters Adventure Hour (November 1979)

with the Harlem Globetrotters

and "The Godzilla / Dynomutt Hour with The Funky Phantom (September 1980)

with the Dynomutt Dog Wonder and The Funky Phantom

and "The Godzilla / Hong Kong Phooey Hour (December 1980)

with Hong Kong Phooey

Godzilla is the 400 foot, fire breathing, prehistoric dinosaur. Who protects his kind friends who are on the ship the Calico.
Along for the ride are Godzooky who is his spunky little dragon, Captain Majors, Quinn, Pete, and Brock. Brocks voice was provided by the well talented actor -Hilly Hicks-, who's other credits include (Hill Street Blues, Good Times, Mash, Roots, Barnaby Jones, Adam 12, Room 222, Bill Cosby Show, The Mod Squad & Ironside - just to name a few)


Godzilla Episodes
  • The Firebird
  • The Eartheater
  • Attack Of The Stone Creatures
  • The Megavolt Monster
  • The Seaweed Monster
  • The Energy Beast
  • The Colossus Of Atlantis
  • The Horror Of Forgotten Island
  • Island Of Lost Ships
  • The Magnetic Terror
  • The Breeder Beast
  • The Sub-Zero Terror
  • The Time Dragons
  • Calico Clones
  • Microgodzilla
  • Ghost Ship
  • The Beast Of Storm Island
  • The City In The Clouds
  • The Cyborg Whale
  • Pacific Peril
  • Moonlode
  • The Golden Guardians
  • The Macro Beasts
  • Valley Of The Giants
  • Island Of Doom
  • The Deadly Asteroid

Godzilla Listing in the

Godzilla gallery of pictures and such:
  1. Hilly Hicks picture and autograph to me
  2. Brock model sheet #124
  3. Godzooky Flying

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