Premiered on NBC (September 13, 1986)

Foofur is the always good-natured blue hound that leads the pack of canines through many adventures. Foofur inherits an old house that is a haven for many of his various friends and family, that includes: Fencer - the black alley cat. Rocki - Foofurs little niece. Louis - a warm hearted bulldog and his sheepdog mate, Annabell. Fritz Carlos - and his girl Hazel.


Foofur Episodes


  • A Clean Sweep
  • A Little Off The Top
  • Thicker Than Water
  • The Last Resort
  • Hot Over The Collar
  • A Job Hunting We Will Go
  • Nothing To Sneeze At
  • Country Club Chaos
  • You Dirty Rat
  • A Roayl Pain
  • This Little Piggy's On TV
  • Fencer's Freaky Friday
  • Legal Beagles
  • Bon Voyage Rocki
  • Russian Through NY
  • Fritz Carlos Bombs Out
  • A Moving Experience
  • New Tricks
  • Mad Dogs And Englishmen


  • Pepe's Pet Peeve
  • Clothes Make The Dog
  • Boot Camp Blues
  • My Pharoah Lady
  • What Price Fleadom
  • Winging It
  • The Dogs Meow
  • Friend Foofur's Foul Up
  • Alone At Last, Dahling
  • Tooth Or Consequences
  • Fencer Finds A Family
  • The Nose Knows
  • Just Buming Around
  • Annabell Goes Punk
  • Just Like Magic
  • Puppy Love
  • Weekend In The Condo
  • Bye Bye Birdies
  • Fencer Gets Soul
  • Rocki's Big Fib
  • You Bet Your Life
  • Louis Sees The Light
  • I Only Have Eyeglasses For You
  • Scary Harry
  • Look Homeward, Foofur

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