Fantastic Four
Premiered on ABC (September 9,1967)

The Fantastic Four from Marvel comics are superheroes: Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards)-who can stretch his body into various contortions.-His wife the Invisible Girl (Sue Richards) who can change to be invisible.-Her brother the Human Torch (Johnny Storm) who can "Flame On" at his comand and their friend.-The Thing (Ben Grimm) who has the power of a thousand horses. Together they take on the cities most ruthless criminals and evil-doers.


Fantastic Four episodes


  • Klaus
  • Menace of the Mole Men
  • Diablo
  • The Red Ghost
  • Invasion of the Super Skulls
  • Three Predictions of Dr Doom
  • The Way It All Began
  • Behold a Distant Star
  • Prisoners of Planet X
  • The Mysterious Molecule Man
  • Danger in the Depths
  • Demon of the Deep
  • Return of the Moleman
  • It Started on Yancy Street
  • Galactus
  • The Micro World of Dr Doom
  • Blast Starr, The Living Bomb Burst
  • The Terrible Tribunal
  • Ruma Tut
  • The Deadly Director

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