A Ruby Spears Production
(September 9, 1978 - September 8, 1980)

Fangface- Jerry Dexter
Biff - Frank Welker
Puggsy - Bart Braverman
Kim - Susan Blu

Fangface Episodes
  • A Heap Of Trouble
  • A Creep From The Deep
  • The Shocking Creature Feature
  • Westward Ho To The UFO
  • The Great Ape Escape
  • Dinosaur Daze


  • Don't Abra When You Cadabra
  • Space Monster Mishap
  • The Invisible Menace Mix-up
  • The Cuckoo Carnival Calamity
  • Begone, You Amazon
  • Snow Job Jitters


Fangface & Fangpuss
A Ruby Spears Production
as featured in The Plasticman Adventure Show
Premiered (September 22,1979 - September 27,1980)
Fangface/Fangpuss - Frank Welker
Biff - Jerry Dexter
Puggsy - Bart Braverman
Kim - Susan Blu

Fangface with Fangpuss Episodes
  • There Is Nothing Worse Than A Stony Curse
  • Evil Guilder Of The Giant Spider
  • Dr. Lupiter And The Thing From Jupiter
  • Who Do The Voodoo
  • The Creepy Goon From The Spooky Lagoon
  • A Scary Affair The Skullman's Lair
  • A Time Machine Trip To The Pirates Ship
  • The Ill Will Of Dr Chill
  • The Romantic Plot Of The She Wolf Robot
  • The Sinister Plan Of The Lizard Man
  • Royal Trouble With The Kings Double
  • The Stone Cold Dragon Of Gold
  • The Evil Design Of Vulture Man 's Mind
  • The Defiant Casablanca Giant
  • The Film Fiasco Of Director Disatro
  • A Goofy Bungle In The Filipano Jungle

Fangface Listing in the TV Guide Fall Preview 1978

Fangface Gallery of pictures and such:
  1. Fangface Doll owned by Joe Parrington
  2. Fangface cel owned by Joe Parrington
  3. Fangface Parker Brothers Game
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