Premiered on CBS (September 7, 1974)

Ernie Devlin the Daredevil Motorcycle driving superstar of Hank's cross country moving circus. Has to take care of his mechanic brother Todd (voiced by that Monkee - Mickey Dolenz) and his little sister Sandy. Follow the everyday life of the goings on of this Trio of talented youngsters. As they challenge the facts of life.
Ernie Devlin - Mike Bell
Tod Devlin - Mickey Dolenz
Sandy Devlin - Michele Robinson
Hank - Norman Alden

Devlin Episodes


  • Victory Over Fear - (The Bike Accident)
  • Hero Worshipper - (Pete Jenkinson)
  • Save That Lion - (Prince the Lion)
  • Todd's Triumph - (Robert Goodall's Chief Mechanic)
  • Up, Up, and Away - (Mike Rolstan Safety Inspector)
  • The Challenge - (Speed Simmons)
  • Sandy's Choice - (Muffin the Puppy)
  • Sandy's Idol - (Lucifer the Superstar)
  • The Big Blast - (Fire at Turtle River)
  • Innocent Or Guilty - Uncle Jack)
  • Like Father, Like Son - (The Blizzard)
  • Jester's Secret - (Jester the Clown's Daughter)
  • The Stowaway - (Juan Carlos)
  • Sandy's Turn - (Sandy's Minibike)
  • Sandy's Decision - (Uncle Fred & Aunt Martha)
  • The Storyteller - (Frank Miller)

Devlin Listing in the

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