Cow & Chicken
Premiered on Cartoon Network (July 15, 1997)
created by David Feiss

Mama had Chicken, Mama had a cow, Dad was proud, he didn't care how

Cow / Chicken / Red Guy - Charles Adler
Mom - Candi Milo
Dad - Dee Bradley Baker
Other voices include:
Dan Costelloneto, Micheal Dorn, Harry Hutchinson, Adam Menkon, Howard Morris, Loraine Newman, Jeremy Piven, Fred Stoller, & Luke Tores

Cow & Chicken Episodes


  • Fluffy the Anaconda - The Laughing Puddle - I.R. Mommy (I Am Weasel)
  • Capt. Butz Pirate - Halloween with Dead Ghost Coast to Coast - I am Deity (I Am Weasel)
  • Field Trip to Folsom Prison - The Girls Bathroom - This Bridge Not Weasel Bridge (I Am Weasel)
  • Tongue Sandwich - Dream Date Chicken - I am Crybaby (I Am Weasel)
  • Free Inside - Journey to the Center of Cow - I.R. Pixie Fairie (I Am Weasel)
  • Super-Model Cow - Part Time Job - I.R. on Sun (I Am Weasel)
  • Which Came First - Boneless Kite - I.R. Music Man (I Am Weasel)
  • Buffalo Gals - Cow and Chicken Reclining - I am My Lifetime (I Am Weasel)
  • Orthodontic Police - The Cow with Four Eyes - Disease Fiesta (I Am Weasel)
  • Sumo Cow - Comet - I.R.'s Phantom Foot (I Am Weasel)
  • Dirty Laundry - Grizzly Beaver Safari - Queen of Denile (I Am Weasel)
  • Lawn Mower chicken - Cow Loves Piles - Law of Gravity (I Am Weasel)
  • Meet Lance Sackless - Who's Afraid of The Dark - I.R. Role Model (I Am Weasel)
  • Bad Chicken - Stay Awake - I.R. Wild Baboon (I Am Weasel)
  • Confused - The Molting Fairy - I.R. Gentlemans (I Am Weasel)
  • The Ugliest Weenie part I - I.R. Big Star (I Am Weasel) - The Ugliest Weenie epilogue
  • Crash Dive - Happy Meat - Power of Odor (I Am Weasel)
  • School Bully - Time Machine - Ping Pong at Sea (I Am Weasel)
  • Chicken's First Kiss - Squirt the Daisies - I am Ambassador (I Am Weasel)
  • Head Hunting in Oregon - The King and Queen Of Cheese - I Architect (I Am Weasel)
  • Space Cow - Sail Cat - Happy Baboon Holiday (I Am Weasel)
  • The Bad News Plastic Surgeons - The Exchange Student - I.R. in Wrong Cartoon (I Am Weasel)
  • Child Star - Perpetualenergy - My Friend the Smart Banana (I Am Weasel)
  • Alive (featuring cousin Boneless) - Who is Supercow? - Deep Sea Tour (I Am Weasel)
  • Cow's Instincts Don't It - Ballerina Cow - I.R. Plant Life (I Am Weasel)
  • Can Cow Come out and Play? - Horn Envy - Time Weasel (I Am Weasel)
  • Cow Fly - Where Am I? - I Stand Corrected (I Am Weasel)
  • Sergeant Weenie Arms - Sow and Chicken - I am Bush Pilot (I Am Weasel)
  • Me and My Dog - Cow's Dream Catcher - Dessert Island (I Am Weasel)
  • Grandma at the Mall - Chicken in the Bathroom - Unsinkable I.R. (I Am Weasel)
  • Chicken's Don't Fly - P.E. - I am Vampire (I Am Weasel)
  • Playing Hookie - Chicken Lips - Honey I are Home (I Am Weasel)
  • The Day I was Born - Factory Follies - Driver's Sped (I Am Weasel)
  • 101 uses for Cow and Chicken - Intelligent Life - A Tree Story (I Am Weasel)
  • Be Careful what You Wish For - Lost at Sea - I R Do (I Am Weasel)

Coming soon!! More episodes to be listed!!
Cow & Chicken can be seen on Cartoon Network everyday!!!
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