Cattanooga Cats
Premiered on ABC (September 6, 1969)
also with this show is:
Around the World in 79 Days
It's the Wolf
Motormouse and Autocat


Cattanooga Cats Episodes
  • Witch Wacky
  • Gerni Ho Ho
  • The Big Boo Boo
It's the Wolf Episodes
  • High Hopes
  • When My Sheep Comes In
  • A Sheep in the Deep
  • Lambsy Divey in Winter Blunder Land
  • Merry Go Round Up
  • Super Scientific Sheep Sitting Service
  • Any Sport in a Storm
  • Magic Wanderer
  • Runaway Home
  • Smart Dummy
  • Channel Chasers
  • Mask Me No Questions
  • Freeway Frenzy
  • Slumber Jacks
  • Pow Wow Wolf
  • Ghost of a Chance
  • Lambscout Cookout or Mildew
  • Wolf in a Sheeps Clothing
  • To Beach His Own
  • Sheep Scene Stealer
  • How to Cook a Lamb
  • Train Tripped
Around the World in 79 Days Episodes
  • The Race is On
  • Swiss Mis-Adventure
  • Arabian Daze
  • Madrid or Busted
  • Mr Bom Bom
  • India or Bust
  • Snow Slappy
  • Finney Finney Fun Fun
  • The Argentiny Meany
  • The Tree Man
  • Saucy Aussie
  • Crumden's Last Stand
  • Egyptian Jinx
  • Border Disorder
  • Troubles in Dutch
  • The Fiji Weegees
  • Hawaiian Hangup
Motormouse and Autocat Episodes
  • Wheelin' and Dealin'
  • Party Crasher
  • Water Sports
  • What's the Motor with You
  • Mini Messenger
  • Wild Wheelin' Wheels
  • Soggy To Me
  • Crash Course
  • Fueling Around
  • Buzzin' Cousin
  • Snow Go
  • Hard Days Day
  • Tally Ha Ha
  • Hocus Focus
  • Kitty Kitty Bang Bang
  • King Size Kaddy
  • Catch as Cat Can
  • Catnapping Mouse
  • Paint That Ain't
  • I've Been Framed
  • Match Makeing Mouse
  • Electronic Brain Storm
  • Brute Farce
  • Boucing Buddies
  • Ramblin Wreck from Texas
  • Two Car Mirage
  • Alacazap
  • Geenie and the Meany
  • Choo Choo Cheetah
  • The Fastest Mouse in the West
  • Cat Skill School
  • The Cool Cat Contest
  • Lights Action Catastrophe
  • Follow That Cat

Cattanooga Cats Record Album

QuickTime movie of the Cattanooga Cats opening title
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Cattanooga Cats gallery of pictures & such:
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  1. Cattanooga Cats
  2. Cattanooga Cats Model Sheet Re-colored & Re-Designed by Michael Hirtes
  3. Kitty Jo
  4. Country
  5. Kitty Jo & Country
  6. Groove
  7. Scoots
  8. Phineas Fogg Jr
  9. Jenny
  10. Fogg, Jenny & Happy
  11. Bumbler
  12. Crumden
  13. Lambsy
  14. Mildew Wolf & Gristle Hound
  15. Motormouse & Autocat title card
  16. Motormouse & Autocat
  17. Autocat
  18. Motormouse

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