The Biskitts
Premiered (September 17,1983)
Waggs - Darryl Hickman
Lady - B J Ward
Scat - Dick Beals
Sweets - Kathleen Helppie
Spinner / Bump / Flip - Bob Holt
Shecky - Kip King
Shiner - Jerry Houser
Scratch / Fang / Dogfoot - Peter Cullen
King Max / Fetch / Snarl - Ken Mars
Wiggle - Jennifer Darling
Downer - Henry Gibson
Mooch - Marshall Efron

Biskitts Episodes
  • As the Worm Turns
  • Trouble in the Tunnel
  • The Moonpond
  • Fly Me to the Goon
  • Up to His Old Tricks
  • Spinners Surprise
  • Dogfoot
  • Turnaround Hound
  • A Dark and Stormy Knight
  • Rogue Biskitt
  • Two Leagues Under the Pond
  • A Biskitt Halloween
  • The Biskitt Who Cried Woof
  • Around the Swamp in a Daze
  • Moving Day
  • The Bone in a Stone
  • The Trojan Biskitt
  • Snatched from Scratch
  • The Golden Biskitt
  • Belling the Wildcat
  • King Max's War
  • Raiders of the Lost Bark
  • The Princess and the Plea
  • Shecky's Last Laugh
  • The Swamp Monster
  • May the Best Biskitt Win

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