Premiered in (1968)
"The Archie Show" on CBS - Sept 14,1968
"The Archie Comedy Hour" on CBS - Sept 13,1969
"Archies Funhouse featuring the Giant Jukebox " on CBS - Sept 12,1970
"Archies TV Funnies" on CBS - Sept 11,1971
"The New Archie/Sabrina Hour" on CBS - Sept 10,1977
"Archies Bang Shang Lalalpalooza Show" on NBC - Nov 26,1977

The classic characters from comic book to it's animated form in Riverdale High comes: Archie, Jughead, Reggie, Betty Veronica, Moose, Big Ethel, Mr Weatherbee, Hot Dog even Miss Gundy.

Archie / Mr Weatherbee - Dallas McKennon
Jughead / Moose - Howard Morris
Betty / Veronica / Big Ethel / Miss Gundy - Jane Webb
Reggie - John Erwin
Hot Dog - Don Messick

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